Los Angeles 2013

So, I’ve already posted about The Office Set Visit, and now it’s time for the rest of Los Angeles!

We had such a fantastic time. I’d never been to the West coast before (Sally had), so it was all new to me. The flight was long, but bearable (we had a SkyCouch!), and we arrived safely in LA around 8pm. We went to pick up our rental car, headed to hotel, and promptly passed out.

Our first day was The Office visit, and following that the trip was a whirlwind of excitement. We visited Disneyland, Santa Monica, The Grove, hiked 6 miles to the top of the Hollywood sign, ate lots of good food, shopped at Target, and met up with some great friends.

On The Office set:

163371_10151526539966349_1055000487_nOn the weekend we drove down to Anaheim to visit Disneyland and meet up with some of Sally’s NOAH friends:




I love Disney, so I was so excited that we were able to fit this in! Now I can check Orlando, Paris, and California off the list. Next up: Tokyo!

The weekend was also very rainy, so we went to see a movie at The Arclight in Hollywood. We also went to Glendale to have dinner with Sally’s uber awesome friend Leigh:

184351_10151249571732352_771207916_nWhen the weather cleared up we headed to The Grove to wander around and have lunch at The Cheesecake Factory with our lovely MTT friend Karen.



IMG_5026Sally has been talking about wanting to fly a kite for as long as I’ve known her, so this trip we decided to make it happen. We headed to Santa Monica with a Dollar Tree kite and gave it a go!

69285_751688554674_1059787814_nSanta Monica was neat. We had a lovely day to visit. I’ve missed the sun!




IMG_5130On our last day we did a 6 mile hike to the Hollywood sign. Yikes!






IMG_0432This is probably the most sporadic and incoherent post I have ever done. But I’m exhausted and my brain doesn’t know the time or date!

But, I can say I loved California and hope to return one day!

A Canadian In Paris

Alright! Slowly catching up on my blogging. I spent this past weekend in the fabulous city of Paris. I took the train up for Barcelona, which was very nice, and arrived Friday evening. I stayed at a cute little hotel around the opera house, and it was the perfect location! I was close to 3 different subway stations, could walk to lots of sights and shops, and the price was right.

It was close to dark by the time I arrived, so I went out to grab some food, and then called it a night. Saturday, however, was quite busy! I took the metro to the Eiffel Tower, walked to the Arc de Triompe, then the Louve, and finally took the metro back up to the opera house where I spent a good couple hours wandering around:

On Sunday I opted to go somewhere in Paris I’d never been before: Euro Disney! (Or Disneyland Paris as it’s now known):

Disney was fun. I’m glad I went. It was pretty much a smaller version of Magic Kingdom in Florida. Similar set up and rides. Space Mountain is actually much better at this one!

Anyway! It was a very short time in Paris, but I’m glad I went!

From Paris I flew to Stockholm, which has been interesting. Will explain that one in my next post.